The stables of Augeas Metope -Greek Statue Figure in Sterling Silver (A-42-2)

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This Hand Made Greek Figure on high quality stone or wooden base features the 6th Metope from the metopes of the Temple of Zeus at Olympia the Metope of the stables of Augeas one of the Hercules deads.

  • Sterling Silver Decorative figurine 100% the brightest of all precious metals
  • Greek figurine with fabulous detailing to the front and back
  • Variety of bases to choose from amethyst wood limestone glass etc.
  • Handcrafted decorative item. Forget the standardized products on the market! Stand out with our individually handmade ELEFTHERIOU EL decorative items
  • Made in Greece

Being handmade it may have small differences in weight color or dimensions.

The stables of Augeas metope

The last metope of the Temple of Zeus in Olympia illustrating the cleaning of the stables of Augeas, one of the Hercules deads. Hercules performed this task by diverting the course of the Alpheios river through the stables. Athena wearing a helmet and shield for the first time, points her spear at the point where Hercules should dig a groove, in order to unite the two rivers, the Peneus and Alpheus, the waters of which would carry the manure from stables of Augeas.

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