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This handmade olive wreath is decorated with olives from hematite stones. It can be mounted on a base of limestone or wood, or be inserted in a plexiglass frame.

Olive wreath is the Greek symbol of peace, protection, fertility and immortality. For the ancient Greeks the olive was a symbol of the Olympic ideals of peace wisdom and victory and this is captured in this handmade creation.

It is a unique decorative object a remarkable and timeless gift for those who love symbolic luxury.

  • Handmade wreath. Forget the standardized home decorating products on the market! Stand out with our individually handmade ELEFTHERIOU EL home decorating ideas
  • Inspired by the ancient greek olympic games
  • Made in Greece
  • Dimensions
    • 12x15 cm wreath
    • 20x23 cm (plexiglass frame)
    • 4 cm height limestone / wood

Being handmade it may have small differences in weight color or dimensions.