With its proprietary brand Eleftheriou the company has developed a good presence in the domestic wholesale market.

The company was established as one of the market leaders when it presented its collection of photo frames with silver decorations.

ELEFTHERIOU EL Picture Frames Historical Collection


The main product of the company, belonging to the ancient Greek series , and in particular is jewelry Meander , made from handmade sterling silver, with semi-precious stones.

ELEFTHERIOU EL Greek Silver Bracelet with Meander

Primarily, the line and style of the company is to manufacture timeless jewelry, based on a classic style, claiming the ancient Greek tradition. Collars, bracelets, brooches from the Ancient Greek era (Byzantine, loops , Ancient Greek mythology ), performances of busts of Alexander, the Olympic Games, and especially the Greek olive branch, form the inspiration for the line Eleftheriou.

Continuously, the company tries to adapt to the continuous changes in consumer preferences by adjusting the existing lines while maintaining the style and quality.

ELEFTHERIOU EL Greek Silver Necklace with Meander and Murano


Depending on the design of the product there is a selection of price ranges that suit all customer needs and an unrivaled collection of products that will add a quality touch to your everyday style. The change in consumer preferences for everyday accessories rather than expensive jewelry, contributed to the development of new designs of distinctive design, high quality and affordability (Collections Murano, Rubber, Bronze).