God of Cape Artemision Figure in Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver Statue (A-05)


SKU: A-05

This handmade sterling silver figurine features the Artemision Bronze Sculpture also known as the God from the Sea and represents Greek Olympian God Zeus fighting with his arm raised and holding his thunderbolt overhead or Poseidon wielding the trident when in combat in more of a stabbing motion.

  • Sterling Silver Decorative figurine 100% the brightest of all precious metals
  • Greek figurine with fabulous detailing to the front and back
  • Variety of bases to choose from amethyst wood limestone glass etc.
  • Handcrafted decorative item. Forget the standardized products on the market! Stand out with our individually handmade ELEFTHERIOU EL decorative items
  • Made in Greece
  • Poseidon Artemision Bronze

Being handmade it may have small differences in weight color or dimensions.