The Stymphalian hens Metope - Greek Statue Figure in Sterling Silver (A-42-1)


SKU: A-42-1

This handmade sterling silver Figure represents a presentation from The metopes of the Temple of Zeus at Olympia the Metope of the Stympalian Hens one of the Hercules deads the feat of killing Stymphalian hens.

  • Sterling Silver Decorative figurine 100% the brightest of all precious metals
  • Greek figurine with fabulous detailing to the front and back
  • Variety of bases to choose from amethyst wood limestone glass etc.
  • Dimensions 11.0x10.5cm
  • Handcrafted decorative item. Forget the standardized products on the market! Stand out with our individually handmade ELEFTHERIOU EL decorative items
  • Made in Greece
  • The Stymphalian hens metope

Being handmade it may have small differences in weight color or dimensions.