ELEFTHERIOU EL is a designer, manufacturer and distributor in the wholesale and retail market, of high quality and wide variety of silver products, inspired by the Ancient Greek Tradition. The ELEFTHERIOU EL collection includes handmade silver jewellery, gifts and decorations as well as seasonal items, namely Christmas amulets, christening and wedding accessories.

Since 1978 ELEFTHERIOU EL operates in Greece, constantly creating new trends in her field of expertise. With years of market presence and impressive portfolio the company covers the products and services of all the needs of modern consumers, from childhood to adulthood concerning the silversmith market.

The strategic goal of the business is to become the leader in the manufacturing and selling of silver products, to provide exceptional quality and timeless jewelry and related services through the further development of each product category and through the approach of new categories.

ELEFTHERIOU EL business focuses on two distinct customer groups. One is the ultimate consumer and the other is the jewellers, souvenir decoration, souvenir shops, shops with seasonal items throughout Greece and abroad to be used as a distribution channel.

The strategic forces of the company have been developed through the construction of quality and timeless products and through the interpersonal relationships with her customers.

• Customer Service

Since the Company provides great opportunities of repayment mostly to wholesale partners and in retail through manufacturing and supply custom made products and products available at wholesale prices.

• Production line & Consequence Delivery

The Company is one of the few companies that can guarantee the consistency of order delivery, something that can be supported by the so far performance. Through various patents in the production line, waiting times have been reduced to almost zero, while due to the existing proprietary infrastructure which can be used for manufacturing of both small and large orders without affecting the delivery time.