The customers of our company emphasize the fact that the service and customer support is one of the most important criteria when choosing a store .

The fact that one of Eleftherious’ competitive advantages is the relationship with customers and partners puts the company on step forward to achieving her goals.

The key points of Eleftheriou customer service are as follows :

Shipping :

  • Free Delivery in Greece using the class registered with the Post Office.

Extended Maintenance Service:

With each jewel or item Eleftheriou customers receive the benefits of Extended Service Maintenance* that they will enjoy for a lifetime . The service includes:
  • Connecting loos stones in case they wear down,
  • Resizing ring,
  • welding of wedding rings and engagement rings together,
  • reforming the rings if you happen to bend them and
  • cleaning for renewal of the products sharpness.
  • repairing of any defect due to misuse.
  • 1 year guarantee covering repair works and spares needed. A valid proof of purchase needs to be present for the guarantee to be valid.
*The EMS includes all manhours needed for these services, but does not include any spares needed for the repairs, except in the case of the guarantee period. 

Guaranteed Quality

The company guarantees the quality of its products through specific quality certificates accompanying each product , signed by Nick Eleftheriou .

Changes / Returns

Customers can return defective products which will either be reimbursed, replaced or repaired. Each case is handled individually and the company in discussion with the client concludes to the best available solution.

Also, customers may return a product and replace it with another one of equal value in case of change of mind.

The purpose of all of these services is to assure customer satisfaction and increase of loyalty relationship, allowing the company to increase sales and to maintain a high profile in the local market.